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Michael Sowa



I remember seeing Michael Sowa’s work many years ago but like all good things that I am exposed to, Sowa’s work got buried deep within my brain and was forgotten for some time. It wasn’t until Amazon recommended my friend to purchase on of his prints (the fowl with the pearl necklace) that I was reintroduced to this wonderful artist. What I love about Michael Sowa’s work is surreal and fanciful drawings of cute little animals. I can sense of bit of Magritte in his scenes and a bit of Vermeer in his portrait works. Its a strange combination but it works!


Beautiful Fashion Illustrations

Speaking of fashion… take a look at these gorgeous watercolor fashion illustrations by Amelie Hegardt, who is based in Stockholm. I’ve never seen anything like these before. I stumbled across these in my quest for inspiration for jewelry photography, and I loved discovering these stunning alternatives. These made me wish I had studied painting!

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Happy weekend, everyone!

Neil Stevens

While I was an intern at GamePro magazine, I realized something really important: I need to get better with my illustration skills and get better quickly. To do so, I’ve been going through the portfolios of illustrators that I find online. There are lots of illustration styles right now but one that I see a lot especially with graphic designers are those 1960s illustration style that are reminiscent of artists like Charles Harper.

I would say Neil Stevens is one such artist. His work uses a lot of the flat colors and geometric shapes that are commonly found in 60s style illustrations. However, unlike most traditional illustrators who used gouache to create their works, I’m sure Stevens used illustrator and photoshop. Also, another quality that makes Stevens’ work contemporary is that he uses transparent geometric patters that are set as transparencies. And I think it works. His illustrations are complex and interesting but he doesn’t go overboard with the patterns and geometric shapes.


Matthew Lyons

I just recently discovered Matthew Lyons’ illustrations and I think his stuff is HOT HOT HOT. I love his illustration style; it is a hybrid of design from the 70s and geometric design that is so popular on sites like Behance.

Lyon is based in the UK and you can find his work in UK publications like Computer Arts. However, I don’t think his work gets published a lot in the US and therefore, I don’t think he is as popular here. Hopefully, we’ll see more of his work in the US soon.