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There’s a lesson to be learned here, I think đŸ™‚



Old-School Animation

This video is pretty fantastic. It’s amazing to see how animation worked before there were computers… it blows my mind to see these details: the painted glass, the hand cranking, the ingenuity of the layered planes. I really wish I could have worked on these films in that time period!


Kina Grannis / In Your Arms

Another sweet animated video! I hadn’t thought of this or seen anything like this before… I mean, stop-motion with a mosaic of beans! It reminds me of kindergarten, and in a good way đŸ™‚


And his legend lives on…

In stop motion and legos? But who could resist? Oh, the joys of animation…

Happy Halloween, kiddos đŸ™‚


Kinetic Type!

Awesome stuff. It’s so fascinating!

Motion Graphics + Fantastic Plastic Machine

My new motion graphics video is done (after 36 glorious hours of hard work), so I just thought I’d share đŸ™‚ Happy weekend, everyone!



Stefan Nadelman / Ramona Falls – I Say Fever

Check out Stefan Nadelman’s amazing animation for Ramona Falls’s 2009 single “I Say Fever.” I love his sense of the bizarre mixed with whimsy, his marvelous employment of shadow and color and accent-like movement that has such a keen sensibility to the structure and tone of the music.

Also, he lives in New York City. I’ve begun to feel such pride when I find out that I share this city with some of my favorite writers and artists and musicians!

And if you haven’t gotten enough (how could you?), here’s his showreel for 2009.

Happy weekend, everyone.