DMY Berlin is an international design network for contemporary product design. At the yearly DMY International Design Festival Berlin both renowned and young designers launch new products and prototypes. I totally wish I could go to a design festival like this one. Sadly, I’m too poor. Oh well, at least the above video can keep me in the loop as to what is going on in the European design scene.




Kinetic Type!

Awesome stuff. It’s so fascinating!

Sean Freeman

I remember seeing Sean Freeman’s type illustrations not too long ago in an issue of Computer Arts. It was the issue where the cover that had a lower case g covered in red paint. I remembered thinking “Hey thats like my frozen type project.” Except Freeman’s work was far more elaborate and better executed. Reading the article on him, I learned several things: 1) he has more experience than me in the area of 3D type illustration; 2) sometimes he uses photoshop to give the image an extra oomph; and 3) he has a fancy studio with fancy equipment which makes it possible to do this kind of work. In knowing this, I feel less defeated now and hope that one day I can execute crazy type illustrations like him,


Motion Graphics + Fantastic Plastic Machine

My new motion graphics video is done (after 36 glorious hours of hard work), so I just thought I’d share 🙂 Happy weekend, everyone!



Tutorial: How To Give Your Photographs That Faded Retro Look

Dear Chris Spooner,

Not only are you super hunky and have a super cute dog, but you kick butt because you provide lots of free tutorials! One tutorial that I appreciate you writing is How To Give Your Photos a Cool Retro Analog Effect. Because of you, I can now pose as a hipster graphic designer and fart out retro looking photography. That sun drenched look will be my new black!!!


A Different Kind of Book

A month ago or so I came upon Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Tree of Codes in a bookstore. Inside are not typical book pages—instead, every single page has certain lines or phrases or sentences that are die cut out, and the staggered layering effect is quite astonishing and beautiful.

I must have looked at this book for a good ten minutes, then put it back on the shelf, then came right back and looked at it some more. It’s captivating. However, I could not bring myself to read it—but perhaps looking was enough! What do you think? (The text is from The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz.)


Talent = 10,000 Hours + Luck

When I’m feeling about the current quality of my work, Katrina is always there to share her pearls of wisdom. Her one advice that I shall carry on with me to my grave is that it takes 10,000 hours before we get good at something. Which means I need to be practicing design for at least 10 years. Hence, I shouldn’t feel bad when I’m having an off day because I’m still learning and she’s right. Anyways, I found this which basically advocates that and wanted to remind all of you that when your feeling down about your work just remember that it takes time.