Michael Sowa



I remember seeing Michael Sowa’s work many years ago but like all good things that I am exposed to, Sowa’s work got buried deep within my brain and was forgotten for some time. It wasn’t until Amazon recommended my friend to purchase on of his prints (the fowl with the pearl necklace) that I was reintroduced to this wonderful artist. What I love about Michael Sowa’s work is surreal and fanciful drawings of cute little animals. I can sense of bit of Magritte in his scenes and a bit of Vermeer in his portrait works. Its a strange combination but it works!



There’s a lesson to be learned here, I think 🙂


Old-School Animation

This video is pretty fantastic. It’s amazing to see how animation worked before there were computers… it blows my mind to see these details: the painted glass, the hand cranking, the ingenuity of the layered planes. I really wish I could have worked on these films in that time period!


Kina Grannis / In Your Arms

Another sweet animated video! I hadn’t thought of this or seen anything like this before… I mean, stop-motion with a mosaic of beans! It reminds me of kindergarten, and in a good way 🙂


World Population Infographic


I saw this on NPR and thought it was pretty amazing. I loved how the creators of this piece used the analogy of pouring water into a leaking cup to illustrate the complex dynamics of the world population problem.


And his legend lives on…

In stop motion and legos? But who could resist? Oh, the joys of animation…

Happy Halloween, kiddos 🙂


Dreams of Black

Found this on FastCo the other day. The above video talks about Google’s WebGL technology and how it was used to create the music video Dreams of Black. Supposedly, the idea is to create an interactive music video. The idea sounds great but so far I haven’t been able to access it since it keeps on crashing my computer. If any of you are able to get it work, tell me how the experience is.